Whether you are looking to train your puppy or dog, or simply wish to spoil them, you can be sure to find a Bucket O’ Beef pet treat that is right for your pet!
All of our treats are made in our factory using premium quality ingredients. 

Bones are a great source of fun for your dog – they provide mental stimulation whilst satisfying their natural urge to chew.
Your shoes will also benefit by keeping your puppy or dog occupied!
Our range includes fully edible bones such as Chicken Necks and Turkey Necks as well as more recreational bones like beef Marrow Bones and tail piece Kangaroo Bones.

Cats also love our Chicken Necks and Turkey Necks!

Offering your pet a bone as part of a balanced diet has the added benefit of teeth cleaning.
It is the equivalent of flossing and brushing their teeth as the chewing motion scrapes away the plaque and prevents tartar build up.