Manufacturing pet food in Adelaide since 1991.

We are a proud member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia and are fully accredited under the SA Primary Produce Act. Our factory is now located at Edwardstown in Adelaide’s inner south. In an era of imported products manufactured overseas using ingredients which have not been subject to our strict local guidelines, we continue to manufacture a premium local product whilst employing local workers and supporting local farmers. We are proud of what we do and hope that you will continue to support us as a local manufacturer and employer!

We have supported many local animal rescue charities over the past few years and we continue to do so passionately. We also provide food donations on a weekly basis to animal rescues such as SA Dog Rescue and Moving Paws and Claws. By supporting us you too are supporting these amazing charities which provide a chance at life and a forever home to thousands of abandoned dogs and cats every year.

Why choose us ?

We select the best for your pet:

It is the result of 25 years of experience and works with nutritionists and other specialists of the industry.

Our quality of products is today what we call  “ultra premium pet food”. 

  • Low processed food : slow cooked, gentle air dried, short line of production and frozen products are our selection of process to keep the integrity of the nutrients in the product.
  • Selection of local ingredients from human food grade sourcing. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  • All natural we add no preservative with no added sodium but we preserve our dry food with natural antioxidant.
  • All the production is made locally.



We make it easy and affordable by offering FREE delivery on all orders of $29.90 or more.


Extensive Menu:

Our menu is extensive and includes :

  • Slow cooked pet food
  • Biologically appropriate raw food (BARF)
  • Raw meats and bone
  • Air dried treats and dry food

All in a variety of sizes and flavours to suit every taste and budget.

Please note all changes, cancellations or updates need to be received in our office the Thursday the week prior to your delivery day.